Bridge Tap

Tuesday February 28, 2006

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Recurring, annoying problems with home DSL. Apparently there was a bridge tap on the line into our house. I’ve become way more knowledgeable in diagnosing DSL problems than I would like: e.g., noise margins, signal attenuation, CRC errors.


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Stick Cricket

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Bruce Western just put me onto this. More lost productivity.

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Origami? And, could Microsoft be getting cool?

Monday February 27, 2006

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this looks as if it could be cool, and wow, is Microsoft starting to get cool?

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the greyhoundization of air travel

Sunday February 19, 2006

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the greyhoundization of air travel is almost complete. you all know what I’m talking about.

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Monday February 13, 2006

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This article from the Washington Post doesn’t inspire confidence.

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Estimates of District-Level Partisanship, 1992-2000

Sunday February 12, 2006

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Matt Levendusky, Jeremy Pope and I been getting numerous requests for our estimates of district-level partisanship, generated using a Bayesian latent variable model (see my research papers for a recent draft).

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Delicious Library

Friday February 10, 2006

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great eye-candy (see the screen shot in the full post), but little functionality other than the killer scan-ISBN-bar-codes -via-iSight. check it out. but no place of publication field, no BibTex export, not very useful for us?!? Maybe books is better? Or booxter (see the 2nd screen shot, below, and its also got iSight barcode scanning, only $15 versus $40 for Delicious). (more…)

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LaTeX tips for publication

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I actually get asked this one quite a lot, so I thought I’d post it to the blog. One of my students, Dan Butler, asked:

I had a favor to ask. …. I’m trying to do the formatting based on the style sheets they [a journal] sent me, but I have lots of questions (how do I do end notes? how do you mark where figures do in the text? etc.) and I thought it might easiest to see an example of how it was done.


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Bill Murray eagled the last hole at Pebble Beach on Thursday, killer…

According to researchers in my home state of Queensland in Australia, Wasps may help clean up blowies. If you are from Australia, that will make sense.

If its Friday, and its Winter, then it means a bunch of our grad students are going skiing up in the mountains. I’m so jealous…

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Majority-minority redistricting

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Jonathan Katz gave a paper on Thursday afternoon at Stanford on some work with one of his grad students, assessing the impact of majority-minority redistricting on bias and responsiveness in Congressional elections. Its an important question, and its one of those relatively few areas of political science where we have a well established set of concepts that map directly into things you can estimate with statistical modeling.


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