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Thursday March 30, 2006

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yesterday at noon, our entire building lost electrical power. “one of the transformers failed”, yes, but why… I’m betting someone screwed up.

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Cyclonic Surf

Tuesday March 28, 2006

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A cyclone (southern hemisphere version of a hurricance//typhoon), or rather, the remnant of a cyclone, has whipped some big swells on Australia’s east coast. Sydney’s eastern beaches (Tama, Bronte, Bronte) are in full effect, and reports of the odd 1m making its way up the Harbour to Nielson Park (happens about every other year or so). Great eye candy at Aquabumps, or the SMH.


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Petro Georgiou, Kooyong, and Josh Frydenberg

Friday March 24, 2006

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Australian politics: I see another provocative column from Ramsey on the pre-selection battle shaping up in the inner-Melbourne seat of Kooyong (held in the past by such Liberal Party luminaries as Robert Menzies and Andrew Peacock). A “rising star” of my/our generation, Joshua Frydenberg (34 years old), is challenging the Liberal incumbent, Petro Georgiou, for pre-selection.

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Split-ticket voting

Thursday March 23, 2006

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Alan Ramsey in the Sydney Morning Herald has rounded up some really compelling wisdom on split-ticket voting in Australian federal and state elections, drawing on the insights of Grahame Morris (Howard’s former advisor) and Rod Cameron (former ALP pollster). Candidate quality features prominently in the accounts of both Morris and Cameron, and I reckon that is spot on: talent in the Labor party is attracted to where Labor is winning (and winning repeatedly, and reliably), while it is precisely the opposite in the Liberal party (electorally viable candidates are being actively recruited to contest Federal elections).


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Howard’s 10 years in office

Thursday March 2, 2006

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John Howard has racked up 10 years as Prime Minister of Australia. Quite an accomplishment. If you follow Australian politics (oh, and who doesn’t?), then you’ll find this amusing…

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do ya best

Wednesday March 1, 2006

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Christian Kerr of crikey.com.au penned an article on the Australian Wheat Board scandal that attracted the following sub head: Downer couldn’t see the wood for the trucking fees. I don’t know if Christian gets the credit for that, but we laughed. No wuckin’ furries and all that… On the Australian humor scale, that scores well: spoonerism, appropriation of cliche, thinly veiled expletive.

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