Everyone wants a MacBook Pro because they are so bitchin’

Friday April 28, 2006

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Can you say that?

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ze frank’s the show

Thursday April 27, 2006

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daring fireball put me onto this one. terrific. updated daily. whats your power move?


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in the future, air travel will be…

Wednesday April 26, 2006

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The New York Times on trends in aircraft seating, and, possibly trends away from seating to strapped-in, kinda-leaning…
won’t that be just maaarvelous. LGA-DCA, SFO-LAX, those type of short hauls, 250 people stuffed upright into a 737. Charming.

wait: why not do away with passenger planes as we know them? its all cargo, right? lets just do cargo planes, pre-strap the (vertical?) passengers into/onto pallets, load them in via the back of the plane, sardine-style, away you go. Kinda Bladerunner meets Brazil meets Starship Troopers, but in any event, a very anti-Jetsons near-future.

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f#*@, a duck, in my office

Monday April 10, 2006

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I’m not making this up. Broken window, broken photos, duck shit everywhere. Thankfully, I’m sitting in a different office this year, but wow. Looks like the duck broke the window itself, flying straight in at the building.


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mega surf, Sydney

Saturday April 8, 2006

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Biggest surf in 30 years, predicted for Sydney this Sunday, April 9, 2006. Updates to follow…

I’d love to go out and peek at my end of the Pacific, but with Route 1 washed out at Devil’s Slide, the traffic to the coast around Half Moon Bay is even more nightmarish than usual, and there is only so much of idling in traffic the kids will deal with.

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Candidate quality in Australian elections

Monday April 3, 2006

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Crikey ran a comment of mine on strategic candidate entry into Australian elections. My comment was prompted by some of the speculation about Josh Frydenberg’s run for Liberal pre-selection in Kooyong. My point was to highlight the strategic tension between individual political ambition (other things equal, you’d want a safe seat rather than a marginal seat) and the party’s interest in having good candidates making marginal seats safer or, even better taking seats away from your opponents.

The following table shows who ran in seats vacated by incumbents in the last Australian federal election. Compare who runs in “safe” Labor seats such as Watson, Kingsford-Smith & Prospect vs Greenway. Could Peter Garret have won Greenway for Labor? Would Peter Garret have joined the ALP had a seat like Greenway been the “prize”? Malcolm Turnball muscled his way into Wentworth, and not Greenway…? Shock!? Hence, don’t be suprised when someone like Josh Frydenberg runs against Petro Georgiou in a seat like Kooyong.

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01:02:03 04/05/06

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wow… (from Ralph Ferone to Mal to me to you…)


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