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Wednesday August 27, 2008

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I lead a wild life, running my own server.

I hit a disk full problem due to some monster SQL transactions that were being logged (figured out how to deal with that, turning of the logging in my.cnf). But the disk full problem lead to a corruption of the “seen” db file in the mail server, cyrus IMAP.

After a bit of digging, I found the solution:

Picture 1-3

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back in the USA

Saturday August 23, 2008

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UAL 870 got us home about lunch time Friday…

And so after unpacking and etc we were just in time for the Obama announcement re Biden; was that a fake by Biden earlier in the week with that “I’m not the guy line”? Its a reasonably safe choice, and imho signals that electoral expediency isn’t the be all and end all for the Obama campaign: the Biden pick won’t sway any particular state.

Being back means catching the NBC Olympics coverage. I love the NBC medal tally that looks at the total number of medals won, a metric that puts the USA at the number 1 position.

NBC was also teasing its made-for-the-USA remake of Kath and Kim, to launch in the Fall. I’ll go out on a limb and predict it won’t make it through an entire 1st season. I love anything with John Michael Higgins in it (even his DirectTV ads), but I’ll stick to my guns on this prediction.

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race and recent Obama poll numbers?

Thursday August 21, 2008

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I heard Chuck Todd (NBC Political Unit) on MSNBC’s Countdown discussing some movement towards McCain in recent national polling. Todd highlighted that there are a reasonable number of Dems and Independents who were Clinton supporters during the primary that are not supporting Obama. While most Clinton supporters have broken for Obama, Todd thought that it was vital that Obama reach out to these 10-15% of Clinton supporters that are either supporting McCain or are undecided.

Yes, but if these voters are the sort that can’t/won’t support a black candidate, then thats going to be very hard work. Todd didn’t link racial attitudes with Obama/McCain/Clinton support, but there were one or two hints: these voters that Obama needs to pick up tend to live in small towns, “places Obama didn’t visit during the primary campaign…”.

Race hasn’t been talked about much in the general election thus far, despite the huge amount of talk about race in the Clinton/Obama primary contest. If race was a motivating factor in the primary, for a Dem or an Indep choosing between two Dems, race just doesn’t disappear when the choice is between a Dem (Obama) and a Rep (McCain).

All of which suggests that the Clintons could have a very important role to play in the general, and in the Democratic convention next week.

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Monday August 4, 2008

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Over the weekend I travelled on an A380 from SIN to LHR with Singapore. I was in coach, lower deck, window seat, so I don’t have a C-class report (I wish). Some reactions.

Picture 1-22

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