Air France accident report

Saturday May 28, 2011

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First reaction: why were those guys (apparently) yanking so hard on the stick, keeping the aircraft nose up through a stall condition until impact with the ocean?

What were they seeing or sensing that we don’t know yet?

Seems odd, incomplete at this point.

Perhaps a unrecoverable flat stall?

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Backscatter Airport Scanners

Saturday May 7, 2011

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I hate these things. I’ve opted for the pat down once or twice rather than go through them, but went through one today because I was in a hurry… Ugh…

I keep hearing enough about irregularities in the testing and certification of these things to make me creeped out about them.

And have you ever seen a pilot go through one?

How often are these things re-inspected so as to ensure they are delivering X-ray radiation as per specs/standards?

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polling infernals

Thursday May 5, 2011

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From Jason Linkins on HuffPost:

CNN Poll Finds That Most People Think Bin Laden Is In Hell, In Case You Were Wondering

According to the polling internals, the feeling that bin Laden is in Hell is most strongly felt by conservatives, especially those who express support for the Tea Party (that is essentially a critical way of breaking down polls about anything, now).

You want internals? You’ve got internals. Who feels the strongest that bin Laden is in Hell? Men more than women, people who earn less than $50,000 a year more than more affluent respondents, people without college educations more than those who have them, conservatives more than liberals, and people from the South and Northeast more than people from the West and Midwest.

Which is roughly the pattern you’d see if you were polling on belief in God etc, importance of religion, etc…

No “infernal internals” pun from Jason. Very disappointing…

Incidentally, 5% of respondents volunteered a “Do not believe in Hell” response. 10% “Is not in Hell”; 24% “No opinion”. Survey fielded May 2, phone, n=700.

Fantastic. Literally…

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Australia 2nd best on Mother’s Index; USA 31

Wednesday May 4, 2011

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Save The Children’s “Mothers Index” has Norway on top, then Australia tied with Iceland.

The USA is 31. Afghanistan last.

Australia scored 30th on STC’s “Children’s Index” (under 5 mortality rate, gross pre-primary enrollment rate; gross secondary enrollment ratio); Sweden topped this. USA was 34th on this.

Mother’s Index is a weighted average of “Women’s Index” and “Children’s Index”: Australia scored 1st on “Women’s Index”, a combination on indicators spanning health, educational attainment, maternal leave benefits, wage differentials, descriptive political representation (% seats in national government held by women). USA was 24th on this index.

ABC; report.

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Barry Weingast to NAS

Tuesday May 3, 2011

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Barry Weingast elected to NAS. Congratulations Barry!

Some other names I recognized:

Gary Chamberlain
Bob Groves
Leslie Lamport
Ellen Markman (Stanford Psych)
Sara McLanahan (Princeton OPR, Sociology)

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