Tuesday October 1, 2013

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Back in DC for a spot of work… Flew here on Day One of the Federal government shutdown. Not that you’d know if from the traffic coming in from Dulles at rush hour.

I sat next to a lobbyist on the flight. He’s with a bank, trying to get some proposed Dodd-Frank reporting requirements watered down. He fell asleep, woke with a start, bumped into me. Said he was dreaming about his golf swing. Said he wiffed it.

I had a drink or two at the Willard, dinner on the sidewalk, distracted now and then by the jets like rockets, through the trees over the Mall, coming out of National (um, Reagan), flying that slightly crazed up-stream Potomac departure.

The Indian waiter recommended the Rhone he sold me to the table of tourists from the PRC, lugging their Nieman Marcus booty around. DC might be the nation’s capital, but even (or perhaps especially) two blocks from the White House, it is crazy cosmopolitan…

The humidity of a DC summer is gone, but its still warm enough to stay dine outside. October 1, 2013, Washington DC. A beautiful night.

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