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Monday August 12, 2013

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Utterly unscientific, but I can’t help but think the incumbent (Labor) would be doing better if Australia had a better cricket side right now.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.08.41 AM

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Nielsen 52-48 moves poll average to 48.1% ALP 2PP, Centrebet follows

Friday August 9, 2013

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Nielsen’s 52-48 (n=1400) poll (png from GhostWhoVotes) bumped my Guardian Australia poll average a little, Labor moving from 48.2% TPP to 48.1% TPP, a new post-Rudd-return low.

Centrebet’s prices have moved this morning, Labor now out to 4.90 5.50, the Coalition in to 1.18 1.15, for an implied probability of a Labor win of less than 20% (19.4% 17.3%). Galaxy must be due to drop some numbers soon, perhaps in the Sunday News tabloids. We’ll also have Morgan’s mega-multi-mode melange and Essential’s two-week rolling average released early next week. The leader’s debate might also bring out some other polling.

I’m also publishing the GA poll average here on my own blog: see the growing list of Australian election stats and links appearing in the header of my blog, above.

The model-based average gets updated as we enter new polls into the database, along with a graph showing the trajectory of the model’s estimate of ALP 2PP voting intentions over the last 90 days:

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Forde flips on back of Beattie bid news

Wednesday August 7, 2013

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Labor’s price has come in from 1.75 (sportsbet) and 2.05 (Centrebet) to 1.20 and 1.25 respectively.

The implied probability of a Labor win in Forde is 68% and 71%, up from 47% and 42%. Meh.

Labor expected seat count: 61.

Forde’s really changed its status in my probability by margin plot.

Three probable Labor pickups in the top left quadrant of the graph: Forde, Melbourne (from the Greens), Brisbane.

The betting markets still tip 11 probable Labor loses, lower right quadrant.

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Labor close to post-Rudd lows at Centrebet

Tuesday August 6, 2013

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Labor’s out to 4.50 4.80 at Centrebet, the Coalition in to 1.20 1.18, for an implied ALP win probability of 21% 19.7%.

That just about takes us back to June 27, when Labor’s price came back in from beyond $5.00 on the back of Rudd’s return to the leadership.

Just one week ago (noon July 31) Labor was at 33% (2.90 to 1.40).

Labor’s post-Rudd peak at Centrebet was around 35% on July 16 (2.70 to 1.45).

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Newspoll the market mover (redux redux redux)

Monday July 22, 2013

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52-48 TPP to the Coalition overnight from Newspoll (The Australian).

The betting markets haven’t wasted anytime responding. Indeed, Labor’s price could ease further through the day as news of the poll (and spin re poll) circulates.

As a result, the 1st digit is a “2″, not a “3″, on the probability of a Labor win, implied by the prices; see the graphs (links at the header of the blog), at least for now. Thats still a long way up from pre-Rudd levels, but a long way short of 50% or better.

Implied ALP win probability over the last week, at the 3 bookies I’m following closely (click for larger view):

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.18.36 AM

Newspoll’s influence on Australian political discourse and indicators like the betting markets is really something to behold. I’ve blogged on it numerous time over the years here (e.g., Nov 2011; May 2010; Nov 2007; Sept 2007). This topic is something I’ll try to expand on my piece this week for the Guardian Australia.

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polls and markets, ups and downs

Friday July 19, 2013

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The last two weeks have produced a similar pattern in Centrebet’s betting market. (1) Good news for Labor in polls released early in the week sees some support for Labor. (2) The Coalition’s price drifts out to levels that attract some punter interest (e.g., 1.35 to 1.40), and the market comes back to the status quo by the end of the week.

It is interesting to consider just what kind of signal from the polls the betting markets would want before swinging close to even-money.

The market fluctuations of the last month week are in the attached graph.

We’re getting close to an arbitrage opportunity between the 3.30 Labor price at Centrebet and the 1.42 for the Coalition at Tom Waterhouse (the prices as I type this). Just a 1.007 over-round there.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.14.25 PM

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watching the Liberal leadership betting markets

Thursday July 18, 2013

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Per my Guardian Australia column this week, I’m just keeping an eye on this one…

I’ve added a current snapshot of the Centrebet and sportsbet Liberal leadership betting markets to the header of my blog.

The sportsbet market has 12 contenders, including Peter Costello at $81, Wyatt Roy at $1001, etc. The Centrebet market has just 6.

No time series graphs to report just yet. We’ll see how it goes.

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low altitude alert on 28L, SFO, portent of Asiana crash?

Monday July 8, 2013

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So the Asiana crash landing at SFO reminded me of the following weird coincidence.

One week ago, on July 1, I flew SFO-LHR on UAL 930. The pilot piped through ATC on Ch 9 (one of the nerdy things I like about flying United).

Just before we were given our takeoff clearance, SFO tower alerted an incoming flight to 28L that it was too low. The flight in question was UAL 1601 (IAH-SFO).

28L is the same runway that Asiana was trying to land on, with ILS out this summer; they’ve being doing some work on the runway there.

I went to the liveatc.net audio archive to download the KSFO tower comms from that day and time (mp3). Note that liveatc.net timestamps in Zulu time and stores 30 minute archives.

At about the 23:38 minute mark comes the low altitude alert from SFO tower to UAL 1601:

TWR: “Low altitude alert United 1601, check your altitude. San Francisco altimeter two niner eight three”.

A brief response follows, presumably from UAL 1601.

At the time I thought “wow, you don’t hear that often”. And I forgot all about it until the Asiana crash.

Pretty cool you can go recover that from liveatc.net.

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1100 days as Prime Minister?

Sunday June 30, 2013

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Gillard was Prime Minister for 1100 days, from June 24 2010 until June 27 2013 (inclusive).

Rudd’s 1st term as PM, December 3 2007 until June 24 2010, was 935 days (inclusive). His 2nd term as PM started on June 27 2013.

December 8 2013 would be Rudd’s 1100th day as PM.

If there’s going to be a change of government, its likely to have happened prior to this date.

Just saying.

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Newspoll Labor 35 (+6), sportsbet 25% chance of winning

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Newspoll out this morning has Labor up 6 on both 1st prefs (29 to 35) and TPP (43 to 49).

The betting markets are reacting: sportsbet has Labor in to 3.75, the Coalition out to 1.25, an implied 25% probability of a Labor win. This is Labor’s best position in the betting markets since, well, the spill-that-went-nowhere in March, and prior to that, late January, early Feb this year (time series pdf).

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