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Window Cam
Aņu Nuevo
Jackman roots, Dunmore, County Kilkenny, Ireland
06.16.2011 Also see this blog post.
Winter sunset as captured on iPhone (not bad) 06.03.2011; obligatory Harbour Ferry ride, Watson's Bay etc 06.05.2011
Tom's 1st riding lesson
Wunderlich County Park, Woodside, California (mix of digital SLR and kids using the iPhone cameras) 05.29.2011
Spain and France, November 2010
Madrid, Barcelona, Barcelona, through the Pyrenees, French countryside, French countryside, San Sebastian, Bilbao
Mendocino Getaway
San Francisco
Sydney Botanic Gardens
Glenmore Road visits the Botanic Gardens on Josephine's last day before the return to Palo Alto. Tom and I checked out the bats on the way home. 08.14.2009
Paddington sunset
Queensland holidays, July 2009
Whale Beach
With Warwick and Lee. 05.31.2009.
Bronte to Bondi
With Tom (aged 4, almost 5). Lots of stopping to play in rockpools along the way. 03.29.2008.
Sydney, March 14, 2009
Navy parade and yet another Harbour cruise
Australia vs New Zealand, One Day International
Sydney Cricket Ground 02.08.2009
Josephine's First Day at Glenmore Road School
Paddington (Sydney), Australia 01.31.2009
Bondi, Sydney, Australia
Paddington to Bondi and back, with Warwick Anderson 01.19.2009
First Two Weeks, Sydney
SFO-SYD, Paddington, the SCG, the Australian Museum, Centennial Park, Bronte, and a cloudy Bondi 01.05-19.2009
Ohlone, 1st day back, 2008
Josephine starts the 1st grade. 08.26.2008
Brisbane, Australia, July-August 2008
Scenes from the Essex campus and environs; a weekend in Oxford at Nuffield College (thanks Ray Duch); a few hours in London (time for a walk up Primrose Hill); LHR-SIN-BNE on SQ. August 2008
Santa Cruz
Foggy morning, kids out on the board with Quan. 07.06.08
St Louis Cardinals vs Kansas City Royals
Busch Stadium, St Louis, Missouri. 06.17.2008 Plus collectible souvenirs (JPG & JPG). Thanks to season ticket holder and WUSTL political scientist Andrew Martin.
Window seats. 06.15.2008 & 06.18.2008
Celebration for Laitin, Sagan and Sargent
The Department of Political Science hosted a celebration for David Laitin (elected to the National Academy of Science) and Scott Sagan (American Academy of Arts and Sciences), and to welcome back Jackie Sargent as our Administrative Services Manager. Papua New Guinea Statue Garden, Stanford campus 06.12.2008
Plane spotting, Palo Alto
T34 Navy Trainer and a DA42 Twin Star, the latter flown by one of my former students, Cameron Percy (complete coincidence). 06.01.08.
SFO Outing
The kids are still young enough to think its a fun day out to go ride the monorail and moving walkways at SFO (while Dad plane spots, plays with the camera). Not for long. 05.24.08
Bing Nursery School Fair, Spring 2008
Tom played with Ben and Jackson, Josephine got her face painted, and the Stanford Band brought the curtain down on a yet another beautiful day in Northern California. 05.18.08
Brad Efron's 70th birthday celebrations
Stanford University 05.13.08
Visiting the Hoffmans
Swordplay with Tom on a Spring afternoon, the perfect to unwind after a cross-country flight. Palo Alto, 05.11.08
Tom's 4th birthday
Dinosauria, Ben, Jack and Asarel, cake, and a sugar rush; plus a celebration at Bing the next day 05.04.08
San Francisco Zoo
Spring Break Happy Hour
Beers and cheers, end of exam week, Winter quarter 2008, in the late afternoon sun outside Encina Hall. 03.21.2008
Palo Alto Baylands
A bleak afternoon, with the kids and the planes breaking up the gray. 02.18.2008
Palo Alto Foothills Park
One of our favorite spots in the area; a nice perk of being a resident of Palo Alto. 02.17.2008
100 days at Ohlone
We were asked to mark the kids' first 100 days at Ohlone. 02.08.2008
My birthday
Democratic Debate, Los Angeles
Kodak Theater, Hollywood-Highland complex 1.31.2008
Walking with Dinosaurs
San Jose 12.27.2007
Christmas 2007
Pacific Grove, Monterey, Palo Alto 12.23-26.2007
National Tally Room, Australian Federal Election 2007
Could this have been the last time the AEC does a National Tally Room? 11.23-24.2007
Eden-Monaro Polling Places
On Election Day I took a drive over the ACT border into one of Australia's perennial bell-weather seats, Eden-Monaro, for a look at the miracle of democracy up close. I visited four polling places; three in Quenbeyan, and, on the advice of some Labor guys working one of the Quenbeyan booths, I went to the largest booth in the division, in Jerrabomberra. 11.24.2007
On the Kevin Rudd media bus
Campbelltown and Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. 11.20.2007
Nuffield College, Oxford
Conference and High Table 11.09-11.2007
Bulletin Cover
Mum and Dad saved this for me. 10.27.2007
KZSU Lunch Time Set
My one-hour lunch DJ set on KZSU. 10.15.2007 (AIFF, 633 MB)
  1. Know Your Product. The Saints.
  2. Come Together. Primal Scream.
  3. I'll Be Around. Otis Gayle, from the Studio One Soul compilation.
  4. The Look of Love. Dusty Springfield, music and lyrics by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
  5. I Don't Want To Be The One. Midnight Oil from Place Without a Postcard.
  6. I Should've Known Better. Mica Paris, from the Groove Armada compilation, Back To Mine.
  7. Sunny. James Brown, with Marva Whitney, Gettin' Down To It.
  8. Lulu's Back In Town. Oscar Peterson, from My Favorite Instrument.
  9. Galveston. Jimmy Webb, from Ten Easy Pieces.
  10. Groove Me. Leroy Stibbles, from the Studio One Soul compilation.
Sydney Harbour
Sydney Ferry ride on "Supply" (First Fleet Class) 07.29.2007
SYD-BNE-SYD Flight Nerd Shots
Is it weird when a 40 year old man takes lots of photos out the window etc? BNE-SYD 07.26.2007 SYD-BNE 07.24.2007
Josephine 5th birthday
Brisbane 07.07-08.2007
Australia 2007, Week One
Sydney. 06.30-07.07.2007
MacBook Pro Unboxing
17" MacBook Pro arrived in about 5 working days since we got the order in: 2.4GHz, 2x2GB RAM, 160GB HDD. Grinning. 06.21.2007
2007 Commencement, Department of Political Science, Stanford University
Bing Nursery School Breakup, Spring 2007
Tom's last day for the year, and Josephine's last day at Bing forever. The kids didn't quite realize what was going on (the teachers are such professionals that the kids are pretty oblivious to the occasion), but all the adults crowding into the room with cameras triggered a little consternation, plus it was the hottest day of the year so far. Janet and I were barely keeping it together...wishing that somehow the Bing experience could continue indefinitely for Josephine...but, in no small measure because of the nurturing environment at Bing, she's more than ready for the next thing. 06.11.2007 and 06.13.2007
Mal Enright and Barbara Heath Visit, June 2007
Tom's 3rd birthday
Menlo Park Firefighters' Easter Egg Hunt
04.07.2007 and see here for the aftermath.
Josephine drawing for Daddy
Happy Holidays 2006
Stradbroke Island 2006
Bay Tour
Flying around the Bay Area with one of my undergraduates, Cameron Percy, who happens to be quite an experienced pilot. 08.28.2006
Palo Alto Parade, May 2006
Palo Alto, California 05.06.2006
Tom's Birthday
Palo Alto, California 05.04.2006
Play Group
Palo Alto, California 05.02.2006
The Wiggles
San Jose, California 04.18.2006
Jane's Birthday Party
Palo Alto, California 03.26.2006
Skyline Snowfall
We got some snow up on Skyline Blvd in late February. It was a Friday afternoon so I took the kids up for a peek. Tom found the mud more interesting than the snow. No surprise there...
747 flight deck video
The history: back in November 2003 we flew home from Australia on a United 747-400 (YSSY-KSFO) under the command of a veteran United captain, Walter Bates. It was Capt Bates retirement flight (FAA rules!) and mid-flight he announced that fact over the PA, and then sent the flight attendants around collecting e-mail addresses for anyone who wanted some digital video shot from the flight deck (our take-off at Sydney, and the final approach and landing at SFO). I've had this video sitting here for ages; I thought I'd finally push it up here.
Sydney takeoff mpg (10MB). According to Capt Bates:
At the start of the takeoff roll on Sydney's runway 16R we weighed the aircraft limit of 875,000# (the max for the C5 Galaxy is 769,000#). This included nearly 400,000# of fuel (there are 6.7# per gal.). It took over 60 seconds and 2,000# of fuel to accelerate to a speed of 187 knots - about 215 mph - where the 16 main wheels left the runway. We used 11,500' of the 13,000' runway.... The takeoff video is of the first 1:54 minutes of the flight. Have the volume up as full audio is included. At the start of the video you hear Sydney tower's takeoff clearance to us over the cockpit speaker referring to runway 16R. My "93%" and "1.43 EPR" comments refer to the power setting for takeoff - nearly full power. That is 224,000# of thrust that is held for the first 100 seconds and you hear the engines come up clearly. The "80 knots" call identifies the latest time by which takeoff power must be set. The call of "V1" (156 knots) occurred at the precalculated last point where we could abort the takeoff and stop on the runway. After that we're committed to go though certification and weight limits insure that if the most critical engine (they're not equally important) were to fail at that point we could still climb away safely. The "VR" call (174 knots) is where we lift the nose about 20 degrees. The "V2" call is when we lift off. You clearly see the marks identifying the approaching opposite end of the runway going by at this point. If the speeds don't look that fast it is because the camera, and my windshield, are 32 feet above the ground. After liftoff you have a nice view of Botany Bay ahead.
San Francisco final approach to roll out mpg (11.4MB).
I also include a video of our landing in SFO from about 1,000' altitude on down - that's Coyote Point Yacht Harbor off to the left at the start of the video. Just before touchdown you hear the automated voice of our radar altimeter calling off 50, 30, and 10 feet above the runway - and that's calibrated from the bottoms of the first main wheels to touch the pavement. At touchdown my eyes are still nearly 60 feet up. At this point our inertial guidance system is being updated by transmitters on the end of the runway giving us an accuracy of less than 2 feet. With this system we can land with visibility of only 600 feet. We touched down at about 170 mph being over 350,000# lighter than at takeoff and use reverse thrust from the engines and a sophisticated antiskid braking system to get it stopped. All takeoffs and over 99% of landings are done manually. Only in Hollywood do autopilots do so much flying.
Farewell Dawn, March 2006
Palo Alto and SFO, March 2006
Google Earth
Google Earth came out for the Mac. For no good reason, here are my Google Earth bookmarks, including sites in and around Brisbane and Sydney (Australia), Palo Alto, Stanford, Princeton, Chicago, and Rochester, and some aviation navigation locations as well (trans-Pacific waypoints, etc).
I've also been writing some code for turning FlightAware web pages into kml (Keyhole Markup Language) documents, which can be read by Google Earth; see the kmz file for examples, or contact me if you'd like to know more (its not quiet a realtime interface between Flightaware's IFR data and GoogleEarth, but close).
Simon's Birthday
Palo Alto, California 02.07.2006
Australia, Holidays, 2005/06
Family and friends, Brisbane, Australia 12.25.2005-01.08.2006
Winter 2005
Palo Alto, San Francisco and Pacifica, California 11.27-12.10.2005
Autumn Leaves 2005
Miscellaneous, Palo Alto, California 11.25-27.2005
Thanksgiving 2005
Pat's Place, Los Altos, California 11.24.2005
New York City, October 2005
Lower Manhattan and in transit 10.20-24.2005
July - August 2005
Miscellaneous, Palo Alto, California 07.25 - 08.03.2005
Political Methodology Summer Meetings
Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 07.21-23.2005
Neal Beck's “they-are-the-same-model” lectern abuse (Quicktime movie).
June - July 2005
Including Josephine's 3rd birthday 06.05.2005 - 07.19.2005
Palo Alto Parade
Tom's First Birthday Celebrations
Sierra Getaway
Stanford Community Day
Cathy Horyn of the New York Times
75MB audio file March 2005
Tom Coming At Ya
Happy Holidays 2004
Australian Election Workshop, December 2004
Workshop at the Australian National University, Canberra, sponsored by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.
Slideshow: 12.04-05.2004
Australia, August-September 2004
Palo Alto to SFO to SYD 08.11.2004
Gibson-Dougal cousins 08.13.2004
Greg and Didee BBQ 08.15.2004
Tom meets Papa Jackman 08.16.2004
Cousin Ella 08.21.2004
Mal Enright and Barbara Heath BBQ 08.22.2004
Shorncliffe Pier, Brisbane 08.27.2004
Seamus' 40th 08.28.2004
Sandgate and Shorncliffe with Gibson-Dougal cousins 08.29.2004
Park Parade Panorama, Shorncliffe, Brisbane 08.29.2004
Stradbroke Island 09.03.2004 - 09.17.2004
Cylinder Beach, Stradbroke Island 09.13.2004
Shorncliffe and Bracken Ridge, Cousin Ella 09.18.2004
New Farm Park and Southbank, Gibson-Dougal cousins 09.21-23.2004
CityCat with Cousin Ella 09.25.2004
Dinner at Della and Timothy's 09.25.2004
Bracken Ridge Fair 09.26.2004
Ella's Birthday Party 09.27.2004
Australian Woolshed 10.01.2004
Goodbye Breakfast, Sandgate 10.02.2004
In Transit 10.03.2004
Summer 2004
Josephine and Simon cool off 06.15.2004
Stanford Totem Garden 06.26.2004
Golden Gate Park Carousel 06.27.2004
I-280 Joady Weatherup montage 06.27.2004
Enjoy the flight 07.06.2004
Thomas James' Arrival: May/June 2004
Josephine and Thomas 06.07.2004, 05.09.2004
Arrival contact sheet and gallery
With Joady Weatherup 06.26.2004
Janet, Dawn and Joady 06.26.2004
MaMa Jackman 06.29.2004
Return to Mother Earth (24 MB Quicktime) 07.04.2004
Miscellany, Spring 2004.
Playing with the Felters, Moreno Ave 04.03.2004
Josephine explores Rebecca's Saab, Easter weekend and our new car
Cooking with Dawn 04.29.2004 & Ballerina 04.29.2004
Visiting the Department of Political Science 05.07.2004
Gifts from MaMa (Quicktime mov) 05.09.2004
Music Projects
I bought myself a copy of Reason, and here's some product I'm not completely embarassed by (although maybe I should be):
  • San Francisco (24 bit AIFF, approx 70M).
  • Imagining Sandra Bernhardt covering David Bowie's Heroes (instrumental backing) (24 bit AIFF, approx 94M).
  • sketches for a re-interpretaton of a Lovs e Blur song, Out of Tune (24 bit AIFF, approx 60M).
Warwick and Lee's Visit: December 2003
Monterey Bay Aquarium etc
Lovs e Blur Get Together: Brisbane, Australia, October 2003.
We're old farts now.
Sheridan Kennedy Visit #1: September 2003
Josephine's First Birthday: Palo Alto, California, July 2003
Sydney/Brisbane/Stradbroke Island, 2003

Point Lookout (video, 500MB). 10.16.2003

Awaiting Josephine's Arrival